Home made Sweets and Snacks

Let’s just agree that a typical Indian meal is never complete without a hint of sweet. Be it a full-fledged dinner or just a round of snacks during tea-time, a plate full of sweet treat remains our constant. And when it comes to sweet treats, Indian cuisine has a plethora of options to satiate our sweet tooth. No, we aren’t talking just gulab jamuns, jalebis, rabdi, kulfis or rasgullas (even though we know you are slurping), there are so many drool-worthy regional Indian sweets that haven’t got their fair share of limelight.

Laung Latta/Lavang Lata or Latika, for instance, is a traditional Bengali sweet that is also extremely popular Varanasi and Bihar. Rich, aromatic, fried and delicious, Latika is usually served after Durga Puja in Bengal. While one can always find it in the sweet shops across the state, it would be tough to find it anywhere outside of UP or Bengal. But there’s absolutely nothing like a warm, fresh and homemade Laung Latta which has an exotic aroma due to the outer layer which is sealed using laung/lavang (clove). Hence, the name!

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