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Healthy snacks for young and old people

Evening hunger pangs are the most counted meal of the day for active kids. The morning snack box and the lunch box foods would have long disappeared by the time the kids come back home. Kids look forward to food that is inviting evening snack and gives them a dose of energy boost that is required to carry on with playtime and studies. Plain milk, biscuits or ready foods from market might fail to satiate the nutritional demand of the hour. Talking about long-term health, it is always best if homemade snacks are given to kids that are miles away from junk food.

As they satiate the hunger during tea-time, these snacks also are healthy and give a nutritional boost for the rest of the day until the comforting dinner is served. Make a combination of these evening snack recipes and  serve these healthy evening snacks to provide the extra oomph for your kids to play and study!

During summer vacations, these snacks can be served during mid morning or evening to satiate their hunger pangs and provide adequate nutrition. Some of these snacks like energy bar recipes, ladoo recipes can be make ahead of time and store for a couple of weeks. Each week you can experiment with a different kind of energy bar or ladoo that you can give as healthy snack for kids.

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